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GATE 2021 | 2022 – Video lectures & GATE preparation tips, Study Material (eBooks)– ALL on USB. Prepare anytime, anywhere without internet connection.


Full GATE Syllabus in HD-quality, pre-recorded Video Lecture by IISc/IIT/NIT alumni and GATE experts. It can be accessed only in USB



22-30 GATE Focused Books (E-Book)

  • 10-14 Theory Books for GATE + PSU
  • 10-14 Exercise Book for GATE + PSU
  • GATE Question Bank
  • Quick Refresher Guide

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Refresher Guide

Important concepts and formulae Book for last minute revisions.

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Subject Tests

500+ Problems & Solutions Grouped under 11 to 15 Subjects. Can be accessed on TGA Mobile App or LMS

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Chapter Tests

1700+ Problems & Solutions Grouped under 85+ Chapters. Can be accessed on TGA Mobile App or LMS

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All India Mock Tests

12 National Level, Online Tests with Video Solutions of Important Questions. Tests can be accessed on TGA Mobile App or LMS

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Full Length Tests

8 Online Test Based on latest GATE Syllabus available from day one.

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Score Booster

  • 30 to 40 hours of Revision and Doubt Solving Sessions of all Important Subjects 45 days before exam
  • Minimum 6 to 7 subjects from every stream
  • Online Live-Interactive Session

Post GATE Guidance

Online Guidance on how to best use GATE Score for Admissions.


  • USB support’s on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and it’s variance.
  • One usbGATE can be paired with one device (laptop/desktop) only.

Offline GATE Preparation

Online GATE coaching is sometimes not feasible due to internet connectivity issues, particularly in remote corners of the country and also in certain urban pockets where internet connectivity is still an issue. usbGATE is a favorite amongst students because it has most of the ingredients of online GATE coaching and yet is convenient. usbGATE can be carried by students wherever they go. A number of GATE 2020 and GATE 2021 students are using usbGATE to prepare for their GATE exam. One of the most important GATE preparation tips that faculty state is that GATE preparation should be smart and not just rigorous. usbGATE is just the right course for you if you too subscribe to this mantra.

You do not require an internet connection to go through the GATE course on usbGATE. However, internet connection might be required at the time of initial activation or periodic authentication.

As part of this course, students get access to 350+ hours of GATE recorded videos by GATE experts and faculty who are one of the best in the country. These GATE videos cover all topics in core subjects as well as general aptitude and engineering mathematics. Besides the videos also covers important GATE preparation tips which are convenient during the GATE exam.

You also get access to ebooks inside the USB application. There are 22-30 books covered in the course, depending on the stream you have selected.

You also get access to 80+ tests which includes chapter tests, subject tests, full-length tests and GATE mock tests . The chapter tests, subject tests and full-length tests are available in your online LMS (Learning Management System) account (not on USB) as soon as you enroll in the course. The All India mock tests are conducted on specific dates as announced by the academic team from time to time. The 12 All India Mock tests are available to be taken in a particular time window only. We provide video solutions for the mock tests.

GATE Refresher guide is an important part of the usbGATE course which is available as an ebook. It is one of the most potent tools in your hand on exam day using which you can quickly go through the important concepts quickly.

As part of this online GATE coaching, we also provide post GATE guidance to students as soon as the GATE results are announced. This guidance helps the students in using their GATE score in the best possible manner.