Acumen 360

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle


  • The way the activities were organized reflects all the principles we need to follow when a new project is being established within an organization with resources from different corners with different skill sets combined to achieve a common Goal.

    This Program would definitely impact on my day to day life in positive way for sure. Lots of learning from different corners. I would say, most of the things were known to us, however the effective use is to know when and how to use and this training taught me this.

    Biplov Bora, Bombardier Transportation

  • It is evident that the team at Acumen does a lot of home work prior to the workshop. It’s just excellent!

    Sunita Gami, Rotex Automation

  • I still remember the day when our HR department told,"You will undergo three months training program by Acumen". Our reaction was "Ohhhh god not again ".... "Yaha ek din ke training se koi change nai hota toh ye three months kya karvengaye" means we believed that training cant change us we will work in our own style.  Then as the time passed and we went through each and every session the assignments and the material we got ..... I tell you It was amazing and for the first time we were proven wrong.

    " YES TRAINING Can CHANGE things" And the things we were taught, it was not related to company only, we can also use the tools in our daily routine life.

    Rohit Vishwakarma, Thermax Ltd.

  • The Crucial Communication workshop was very good and would help me in both personal and professional life.

    Mahesh Patel, Standard Radiators

  • The good part of this program is, in normal training the output is stored in a book or mind, but here “the changed you” is the output. You are not separated from the gained knowledge . Since the unexpected events, the dealing with the events, the result of the events and feeling of completion of task, all were visible in a shorter period of time; you can easily learn from the whole thing. Most of the time we do face similar situation but it’s very difficult to connect the dots. After successfully handling unexpected situations in experiential activities, has grown more appetite for such challenging work and reduced the fear of failure.

    Rakesh UV, Bombardier Transportation

  • Thanks for your quality training which indeed is helping us in planning and executing tasks much more effectively.

    Parag Shukla, Thermax Ltd.

  • Being a fresher in HR, this was the first behavioural skills workshop attended by me and found it excellent.

    Sonal Harsiddhe, Voith Hydro

  • The programme was managed very professionaly and covered most of the relevant content through case studies and examples.

    Sandeep Jadav, KYB Conmat Pvt. Ltd.

  • Compliments to Acumen Team for effective conceptualization and execution of the "Employee Capability Building Intervention". As  a part of this intervention, all the training programs, post training exercises and  communication platforms worked out  by Acumen Team  were very well received by participants and Leadership Team.

    Ami Patel, HR, Thermax Ltd.

  • From engineering team, we would like to thank  you to arrange such training.  This one day workshop was extremely informative and provided an excellent treatment foundation for our day to day professional & personal communication.

    All the materials were very effective; especially the videos and role play demonstrations. We learnt lot by watching & participating.

    Sachin R. Mangidkar, Bombardier Transportation

  • The method of teaching of trainers at Acumen is very nice and the way basic concepts are taught and explained is fantastic.

    Pritesh Chauhan, L&T

  • The faculty's teaching style was very good. Training was given in a simple and easy to understand manner. I can see both my verbal and written communication in English improving day by day.

    Mithun Patel, L&T

  • The communication skills training program conducted by Acumen was planned well with concentration on every individual participant. The contents were comprehensive and were executed very well in an easy to understand manner through extensive use of examples, role plays, individual presentations etc.

    Pradip M Solanki, L&T

  • I have attended many training programs and seminars but the way your trainer could hold the concentration & maintain the interest level of all the participants was commendable. The session was activity based through which all of us could practically learn and gain knowledge. I would be glad to attend more sessions of this kind.

    R.G.Jadav, PGVCL, Rajkot

  • Dear Rohit & Himani,

    FANTASTIC!! I wish I could be one of the lucky participants:-).

    I received such a positive feedback from the team.

    YL program is our strategic initiative to develop young professionals in the Rail Industry. You made the difference.....set THE benchmark!

    Thank you so much!

    Ajay Singhroha, Bombardier Transportation